Meet Amtah Naazim

Amtah Naazim, a weaver of narratives with the threads of multi-media artistry, was born in Brooklyn, NY and currently resides in Charlotte, NC, a stone's throw away from where their ancestors used to call home. As a Black, queer artist, they long for a world that can cradle us all and therefore imbue in their work an invitation to envision futures brimming with possibilities beyond our wildest imagination. Amtah steadily and regularly finds magic in the mundane - in found and reclaimed materials, in the vibrancy of paint, in the transparency of glass. To them, these materials aren't just elements, but pieces of a vast, untold story. They curate these elements into installations, murals, protest art, pottery, sculpture, and other unique artifacts to co-create a collective tapestry of futures, woven from the threads of our shared stories. Amtah’s work has been displayed in galleries and public spaces in Seattle, San Francisco, Oakland, New York, and across North Carolina.

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