Meet Amy Early

Amy Early is an American painter from the South. Born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, Amy has spent the majority of her life in pursuit of creative expression. She was raised in an extended family that always valued a variety of art forms. From woodworking to painting, music or stonework, Amy watched her family and developed an appreciation for art. "Growing up I was always dabbling in music, dance, painting, photography, really anything creative." In her mid-twenties Amy started taking painting more seriously. Amy married young and her late husband Chris Underwood developed a budding painting career and they would often fill their spare rooms with drop cloths and leave supplies out so they could continue the work in their free time. Since her first husband's death, so much life has come from Amy continuing to paint. "Painting is one of my favorite ways to process life. You can say so many things with color that words cannot express." Amy has since remarried, and lives with her husband, producer Jacob Early, and their six children in Mooresville, North Carolina. Their home is filled with a mixture of art supplies and sound equipment, and lots of happy children.

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