Meet Ana OhBoyZee

with NC Dance District

Ana Ogbueze (Pronounced Oh-Boy-Zee) – former NBA Dancer and audacious multi-hyphenate: Choreographer, Director, Producer & award-winning Entrepreneur from Charlotte, NC. A four-time recipient of the Best of the Best Awards - "Best Dance Studio in Charlotte," with national recognition from Essence Magazine as one of the top "Fitness Studios To Get Your Body Right," Ana is the proud founder and co-owner of Charlottes 1st industry-style hip hop dance studio for adults, NC Dance District. Popularized for her energetic dance moves, infectious personality, and passion for people, Ana's work through NC Dance District has evolved the Charlotte creative landscape and provided a safe space for those needing an alternative wellness outlet. Ana's non-profit (Project: FULL OUT) furthers her footprint in the community by serving as a performance platform for second-chance dancers that focuses on the therapeutic benefits of dance and caters to individuals from all walks of life. Outside of entrepreneurial endeavors, Ana, a UNCC alum and former Goldduster, was a featured cast member for Shaun T Trains Europe and principal dancer / contributing choreographer for the hit dance fitness program CIZE. More notably, Ana has worked with brands such as Fila, Kohls, Belk, Wells Fargo, and Co-Co Cola. Ana attributes her success to her strong faith in God and the foundational support from her family. She leads her company with this mission statement: "[To] Create countless opportunities for local dancers to train, perform, and live out their dreams."

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