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ARTIST STATEMENT As a visual artist my intention has always been to capture resistance to oppression through the depiction of themes that empower marginalized communities. I’ve particularly sought to create various tales of love, triumph, beauty, happiness, peace, and counter-cultural narratives that speak to the diversity, strength, and wisdom of diasporic Africans. In a world that often stereotypes and operates in extremes that dilute the nuances of shared humanity, my unique experience as a black woman acts as a conduit to share my interpretation of resistance through art. I use my art to stimulate the viewer’s emotions to aid in becoming a better, well centered being. I am acutely aware of the profound impact that art can have on our community, serving as a catalyst for dialogue, understanding, and collective growth. BRENDA PINKSTON’S BIO Brenda Pinkston is a dynamic artist who realized at an early age that she had a natural gift for turning visions into expressive art. She explains that her artistic skills are a gift from the ultimate creator! The artist gives credit to her mother - who, at an early age, replaced her coloring books and crayons with sketch pads, art pencils, then watercolor paint and brushes - for her skillful development in the world of art. She received her Bachelor of Fine Art Degree from The College of New Jersey with concentration in Advertising Design, Advance Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Art History and her favorite, Color Theory. During her extensive creative career, she has worked as a commercial artist developing fashion ad campaigns for a specialty designer shop Don Vereen’s Applause, Trenton, NJ alongside her creative mentor Mr. Rueben Reeves. She also worked as an art editor for a local newspaper, an illustrator for published children’s books, and a web developer for The State of NJ. Pinkston’s artwork is nationally collected and adorns homes and institutions across America. She has masterfully blended her advertising design and fine art skills, bringing about a perfect marriage of her artistic passions. Her paintings infused with her signature rhythmic strokes of color, reflect this union. She believes every color has a story, an emotion with unimaginable possibilities! You can visit her studio gallery at The VAPA (The Visual and Performing Arts) Center, 700 N. Tryon Street, Charlotte, North Carolina every first Saturday of the month or by appoint 980-334-1444.

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