Meet Christopher E. Singleton Sr.

with SeeSings

Christopher E. Singleton Sr. also known as SeeSings loves to create. Most of what he creates has some sort of connection to music. However, there are times where his visual artist side pops up at events like the Charlotte International Arts Festival where he participated in 100 Tiny Things in 2022 & 2023. SeeSings has a knack for writing infectious hooks for songs that have intentional messages. “Help Me See Your P.O.V.” was written to help inspire more empathy into the world. “Not Yet” was written to encourage those that have dreams to do what they can to see those dreams come to pass. He is currently writing a song called “Proud” which will encourage parents to give a little bit more attention to affirming their children. If you have a business, and you’re interested in having a jingle created specifically for it, consider him. In July of 2023 SeeSings was awarded a Hug Grant from Charlotte is Creative to assist with marketing for his business venture of making the piano more accessible. He is currently working with a business coach to get “The Keys To Piano” up in running.


Here’s my song that focuses on promoting empathy!

I got to chat with Jess with RBeatz radio about what my inspiration is, as well as my goals for the future.