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I painted as a child in Winston-Salem, NC at the Sawtooth Center, SECCA, and the Reynold House. I took classes with my school art teacher, Vickie Verano, at some of these locations as well as in her home basement. Shortly after, I moved to the laundry room at age 9 from the kitchen table. As an adult, I reclaimed my gift as I started taking classes at Braitman Studios in Charlotte, NC from Andy Braitman. I worked my way up to the master level. Then, the world stopped and everyone was home in 2020. I luckily had a third floor studio I had begun to create previous to the beginning of the pandemic. The morning light on our kitchen table was beautiful, but my family wanted the table back. Between home schooling and being the full time chef for our family during the pandemic, I painted in oil several commissions and for a few of the stores/galleries that feature my work. Within the last few years, I have painted more with Andy in workshops and for private lessons. Painting live figures all prima I would say scared me the most, but pushed me to grow the most, too. Currently, I recently finished an artist in recidency in my studio gallery in Southend Charlotte at the Dilworth Artisan Station just beyond the light rail. I love being around other creatives, but my heart called me back to home studio to be more present with my family . My work has certainly evolved over time from oil on canvas to watercolors on paper to cold wax and oil on large red oak cradled panels to most recently, gold leaf on paper collaged onto watercolor paper and wood panel sealed with amber shellac. The possibilities are endless! I am really excited about where my time in the studio is taking me currently! I am an explorer and adore trying new things!

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Metal leaf cityscape collages - Magic Moment begining

Metal Leaf cityscape collages - Journeying Through