Meet Critsey Rowe

with Couture Boudoir®

Critsey Rowe is a female portrait and boudoir photographer based in Charlotte NC. She deeply appreciates the individuality of each client she encounters. Her primary objective is to capture the unique intimate beauty possessed by every woman. Critsey's photography style leans towards being editorial, sensual, and tasteful. Having captured images of thousands of women, encompassing diverse shapes, sizes, ages, ethnicities, and beyond, she has developed expertise in her field. In her view, a photoshoot extends beyond delivering top-notch portraits; it's about presenting each woman she photographs with priceless images that will be cherished for a lifetime, showcasing their inherent beauty. One of Critsey's notable strengths as a leading portrait and boudoir photographer in the country is her ability to offer clients an extensive array of images to select from. Given her approach from a female perspective, she excels in making individuals look and feel they're best and most flattering, irrespective of their body type. In her boudoir shoots, she exclusively employs female stylists/assistants, ensuring a comfortable experience throughout. The resulting images are tasteful, artful, and stunning. Critsey firmly believes in the inherent beauty of each person in their current state, and she sees it as her responsibility to highlight that beauty. Her love for travel has taken her across the country and abroad, capturing photography sessions. She is available for photography sessions worldwide, catering to clients globally and locally alike. Beyond her photography expertise, Critsey is a published author. Her book on boudoir photography stemmed from a publisher's interest in her Couture Boudoir® brand. This translates to clients being photographed by a highly experienced photographer who holds value and respect within the photography industry. Critsey is an artist that paints pictures with her lens.