Meet Emily Rose Funk

with Funk.e_Art

Welcome to my artistic journey! I'm Funk, a proud graduate of Pratt Institute's School of Art and Design in the vibrant heart of Brooklyn, New York, holding both a BFA and MS degree in Art and Design Education. My passion lies in guiding art and design enthusiasts towards a deeper understanding of creativity and self-expression. With a wealth of experience in education, I currently contribute my expertise at Charlottte Lab Schools, where I've honed my skills in tailoring teaching approaches to meet the unique needs and abilities of each student. Beyond the classroom, I embark on my own artistic exploration, working with a diverse array of mediums. Currently, my creations come to life through the rich textures of oil paint, the precision of colored pencils, and the tactile beauty of ceramics. My artistic repertoire extends further into realms such as web design, web development, printmaking, digital photography, performing arts, jewelry/metalwork, drawing, and glass art. Every piece I create is a unique blend of traditional techniques and innovative twists. My goal is to captivate the senses and evoke emotions, creating a lasting connection between the viewer and my art. Whether you're interested in commissioning a bespoke piece or exploring the dynamic world of art education, I invite you to join me on this artistic odyssey. Let's bring your vision to life and make art a meaningful part of your world.

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