ESTKO is an abstract aerosol artist, and graphic designer living in East Charlotte, North Carolina, since 2014 and is originally from Southern Maryland. She was lucky to have the constantly evolving ecosystem of graffiti and street art when she lived around DC, and then Philadelphia and Baltimore. This directly influenced her art from early high school in the 90’s through college in the early 2000’s. That gave her the inspiration needed to develop her own creative style. In 2013 she started drawing and painting geometric abstractions, and then botanical elements and body parts soon became incorporated into the paintings. Her goal was to build enough confidence and skill to paint large canvases and walls. Abstract & line art is ESTKO's way to celebrate women and express struggles that are uncomfortable but need more awareness. It’s important that her art serves a purpose. ESTKO wants her art to help end stigmas, stereotypes and encourage others to do the same.

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