Meet Gloria Zavaleta

with Gloria Zavaleta

I'm Gloria, a Visual Storyteller & Cinematographer based in Charlotte, North Carolina. I was voted Best Photographer for Queen City Nerve's 2023 Best in the Nest. For the last decade I have documented activism, nonprofits, festivals, musicians, artists and food & beverage. I was the Director of Marketing for Heist Brewery for the last 2 years. In this role I was responsible for: Web Design, Maintenance & Development; Product and Event Photography & Videography; Set Design, Lighting, Audio, Editing, Color Grading; Design & Distribution of Company Newsletter; Social Media Management; Copy Writing; Social Media Strategy; Company Branding; Graphic Design. I am deeply passionate about working with individuals and organizations who's missions center around cultivating & providing individuals with safe spaces to create, as well as organizations that stand up for the targeted, marginalized and oppressed. I would love to assist you in documenting the story behind the mission, people, and community your organization or group represents through photography and filmmaking.


Episode 3: Barrel Aging Artist Interview with Osiris Rain

Ronnie Long VS. The State of NC: "Free Ronnie Long" is the first installment of films following and shedding light on Ronnie Wallace Long, his case summary, and his on going battle with the State of North Carolina even after his freedom. 44 years of wrongful imprisonment, Ronnies story is a testament to the continual abuse and enslavement by the United States prison industrial complex. To learn more about Ronnie Long or to donate visit: