Meet Jane A. Wiley

Jane Wiley was raised in North Carolina by a long line of passionate photographers and adventurous women. She experienced loss at an early age when her father was killed in Vietnam. Her mother’s Polaroid snapshots immortalized him as a dashing 31-year-old pilot. These small, treasured pictures inspired her to pick up a camera to make her own presence known in the world. Wiley’s passion for saving old photographs led her from casual family historian to professional photo archivist. She uses that experience to combine old and new photo processes, printing her contemporary photographs in different various historic processes. Wiley prints in the mediums of gum bichromate, platinum/palladium and cyanotype. Her primary focus is fine art photography, but she also creates with video and video editing. Wiley also teaches alt process (historic process) photography and is a gifted presenter/speaker on the subject.

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The Language of the Fan (Stop motion animation)

Bloom Efflorescence (recap video of Bloom Festival)