Meet Janet Dyer

with Original Oils

From an early age I wanted to be an artist. My mother, who was a painter, sculptor, and art educator was my inspiration. She enjoyed sharing her love of the visual arts with our family. My impressionist oil paintings are a collection of landscapes, botanicals, portraits, and abstract reliefs. I love to use bold and vibrant colors that are packed with a life of their own. The palate knife is my friend! It loosens me up to help make my paintings more spontaneous and energetic. My other best friend is Gorilla glue. I use it to add a relief quality to my landscapes and abstract paintings. It adds an element of controlled chaos to everything it touches. My latest series of portraits, entitled “Sheroes”, celebrates the marks that famous women have made on our world throughout history. Some of them include Greta Thunberg, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Frida Kahlo, and Mother Teresa. I love the challenge of painting a variety of subjects, whatever inspires me at the moment. As Helen Frankenthaler says…. “Every canvas is a journey on its own”.