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Perhaps most well known as a member of Charlotte, NC experimental rock bands Hectorina (on drums) and Dinner Rabbits (on guitar and lead vocals), John William Harrell’s work explores somewhat more intimate territory. All solo albums to date have been made at home, with Harrell on all instruments. His debut (released on Halloween night 2017) Through the Woods is a psychedelic folk horror soundtrack to a film that never existed, complete with witches, spooky churches and moonlit lullabies the protagonist plays to himself as he travels. On April 27th, 2020, Harrell released La Vida, an album inspired by the music of his childhood road trips (from singer-songwriters like Randy Newman, Tom Waits, Harry Nilsson, and Todd Rundgren to Tropicalia and Cuban music) Recorded at home over a weekend in August 2018 by producer/engineer Daniel Collins Hodges, La Vida began as a creative distraction from the inescapable grief of losing his father a year before, and ended up becoming a channel to some semblance of catharsis and healing. While contributing to the charity album Waiting for the Call, Harrell accompanied Bruce Hazel on the song Sooner or Later. After bonding over Nilsson Sings Newman and David Bowie, the session blossomed into a partnership that has led to the duo performing, among other places, at America’s first Pianodrome at the Charlotte Shout! Festival and a collaborative album between Hazel, Harrell and Hodges entitled The Room Where You Are, released in June 2024.

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