Meet Keudis Sanchz

with Keudis Sanchz LLC

Venezuelan multidisciplinary artist of Afroindigenous descent, weaving a vibrant tapestry of creativity that delves into the complex layers of my identity, history, and culture. My art is a fusion of heritage and contemporary experiences, expressed through painting, printmaking, sculptures, dance, and acting. Exhibited in renowned spaces across New York City and North Carolina, including Charlotte, my work sparks cultural dialogues and challenges perceptions. As a co-founder of the non-profit organization "La Casa de la Cultura," my mission expands beyond personal artistry. I envision an inclusive space where diverse cultural expressions flourish, fostering mutual understanding and appreciation. Through this endeavor, I plant seeds of connection and unity, nurturing creativity and celebrating our shared heritage. My art embodies resilience, celebration, and a continuous exploration of my roots. With each stroke, movement, and sculpture, I echo the stories of my ancestors, envisioning a future where cultural barriers dissolve, leaving behind the beauty of our shared humanity. I aspire to contribute to a world where understanding thrives, enriching our global mosaic with the diverse threads of our collective existence.