Meet Kim Melohn

Kim is a multi-disciplinary circus performer and coach with a specialty in bending gravity to her will. She chooses to triumph over that overwhelming force via contortion and vertical apprarati. Ever since she learned how to climb fabric, in 2014, she has hardly been able to come out of the air. While living in the Chicago suburbs, Aloft Circus Arts was her circus home. There she worked with aerial and flexibility coaches: Hayley Larson, Natalie Abel, and Julie Marshall. In 2021 she started training full time at the renowned New England Center for Circus Arts, where she switched her focus to contortion under the guidance of Stephanie Abrams. As an adult sized child, Kim just wants to have fun and do cool stuff! To her that means big dynamic movements, death defying drops, intricate wraps, and splits for claps (ha that rhymes)! She enjoys creating high energy acts with a lot of personality and a healthy helping of corny humor. When this bendy babe doesn’t have her feet over her head, she enjoys spending time at home with her husband and their dog. Their activities include but are not limited to eating food, watching reruns, and “attempting photosynthesis.”

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