Meet Lauren Gibson

with Charlotte to Paris

Lauren Gibson a fine art photographer focusing on cinematic-style landscapes, urban architecture, and street photography. Her artwork plays with vibrant colors, luminosity, deep shadows, and “found” (natural/unstyled) compositions, with a focus on street-style, cinematic scenes. Lauren's photography has been featured across the Charlotte region as an ArtPop Street Gallery artist (Class of 2024 Cities Program). She creates photographic art prints on paper, canvas, and vinyl. Her photography images are also available for digital displays. Lauren works quickly and simply: one camera with one lens, and reliance on natural light and how I position my own body in relation to the scene, creating compositions where the sum is greater than its parts: people, objects, and architecture work together with color, light and shadow to compose a cinematic scene in a single photograph. Lauren also offers creative and team building workshops in the Charlotte area. Firm in her belief that everyone is innately creative, Lauren loves to host "phone photography walking workshops" where participants with or without any artistic training can benefit from Lauren's teaching and techniques in photographic composition, (yes, with your phone cameras!). Lauren also offers walking workshops for people who want to learn how to capture images with their digital (DSLR or mirrorless) cameras.