Meet Laurie Smithwick

with Laurie Smithwick Art & Design

ARTIST STATEMENT: I paint possibility. Through my art, I seek to illuminate the human experience of transition. I am drawn to the idea that these transitions are the result of passing through a portal from one realm to another. Portals serve as visual metaphors for change and embody the duality of existence — the intersection of what was and what could be. The quiet tension before that first step forward, the breath held during the leap — these are the moments that define us. Using color, form, and texture to evoke the emotions that accompany transitions, my work is a visual narrative of this journey, where possibilities unfurl like hidden pathways, inviting viewers to become fellow travelers, embarking on their own individual journeys of discovery. BIOGRAPHY: Laurie Smithwick is an abstract painter, printmaker, muralist and public artist. She was born and raised in Charlotte, NC, studied art and creative writing at Duke University, and graphic design and photography at Parsons School of Design. Laurie was the founder and creative director of LEAP Design, and is a partner in the Alt Summit creative conference. Her design work earned her a Grammy nomination, and she has delivered a TEDx talk on the genesis of ideas. Laurie has exhibited throughout the US and the US Virgin Islands, taught printmaking and painting at McColl Center in Charlotte, and created murals and public art for many businesses and organizations, including Blumenthal Performing Arts, Novant Health, AARP, and the VAPA Center. Her abstract art, steeped in formalism, uses color, texture, and composition to illuminate the human experience of transition and explore the world of possibility.


The structure and discipline of "100 days of making" provided space for designer, Laurie Smithwick, to explore, innovate, and discover a path for her art practice. Film by David Fenster

A walk through Laurie Smithwick's interactive sculpture "Pilgrimage"