Meet Lee Ko

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Lee was born in Seoul, South Korea, in 1976. Lee earned her initial BFA (1999) and MFA degrees (2001) in Seoul, South Korea. Later, she embarked on a passionate journey to study across the ocean at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York, where she earned her second MFA in 2005. Her education and experience from the different environments in both East and West greatly impacted her art and her life in various ways, and she tries to introduce her aesthetic value across cultures. Lee's artistic journey evolved by working with various mediums, including metal, clay, and recycled materials. She states that each small fragment, which tends to be a sculpture piece, is a brush stroke on a canvas. She spreads them out on the panel/wall in a rhythmical variation to complete her wall sculptures. In her recent work, she found various materials from her daily life, such as glass bottles, sauce jars, and electrical cords. Combining these elements with other mediums, she constructs a composition of small individual components that culminate into a unified whole, like a quilt. Through her art, Lee tries to tell us the power of small things when they come together, how they can become part of something greater, and support each other as a unit. One of her works, "A Way Coming Back," is about the returning beauty of reclaimed materials in her kitchen. She finds a second chance in the material, just like how she rebooted herself as an artist after a long parenting break. She was honored to be chosen as one of twenty 2023 ArtPop Street Gallery City Program artists with "A Way Coming Back." The image of the piece was showcased through ArtPop Street Gallery's 2023 billboards, digital screens across the country, and in Seoul, Korea. She keeps trying to expand her artistic vocabulary by researching and testing various materials and techniques. She anticipates her artwork having more chances to communicate with viewers in public. She currently resides in Waxhaw, NC, with her husband and four children.


A Way Coming Back, detailed shot & Full Shot

The 100 Days Egg Parade