Meet Lisa Rivers

with Legacy Art by Lisa Rivers

Lisa Gilyard-Rivers is a self-taught African American painter that portrays her love for the culture of southern Americans. Her artistic versatility is attributed to her upbringing in Brooklyn, N.Y., and the time she spent visiting her family in South Carolina. She later returned to her southern roots and has been a resident in Beaufort South Carolina for over 25 years, Currently residents in Charlotte N.C. What will catch your attention in her paintings are the vibrant colors that shine boldly off each canvas. Lisa Gilyard-Rivers paints with love and it is felt in each of her paint strokes and in each finished piece. This collection truly encompasses the essence of the name “Legacy Homecoming”. Her work has been exhibited on display at museums including her solo exhibit at The York W. Bailey Museum at Penn Center on St. Helena Island, SC in 2019; The National Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center in Wilberforce, Ohio; Her work is on permanent display at The Historic Tabernacle Baptist Church,Black Chamber and Penn Center in Beaufort, SC. Previously, Lisa has been featured in the Local Life magazine, Lowcountry Weekly magazine, and the Charleston Chronicles. Currently, Lisa is featured in the AAA magazine, June 2021 issue and will also be featured in the “Pink” magazine, as well as the “Travel and Leisure” magazine in 2021 and Vogue.

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