Meet Liz Haywood

with Liz Haywood

I cannot remember a time when I did not feel a drive to create art. Growing up in Charlotte, I had good art education. My early exposure to art nurtured my intrinsic drive. Now, a big part of my drive is to create colourful murals in public spaces. After being selected for ArtPop in 2022 I've had more and more opportunities to create murals around Charlotte. In all of my art, texture is important. I love to allow the paint to drip freely in areas and let my big, gestural brush strokes show through in the finished piece. I just need a big blank wall! My latest series of canvas art began because I often find myself wondering if we are alone in the universe. When we leave earth what will we bring with us and what will we leave behind? Through painting these feminist futurescapes I explore the vastness of the universe and wonder what our neighbors on other worlds will think of us. Space is the next frontier. My hope is that we learn from the mistakes of our past and venture out with open hearts and curious minds. Drips, splatters and rich texture in my art are created with layers of acrylic pen, latex and spray paint. With confident, free gestural strokes I build layers of texture. By using a palette of gentle pastels I bring an updated feel to a subject often seen through a masculine lens.


Oak Grove Market Mural_Spray Paint Process 1

Oak Grove Market Mural_Spray Paint Process 2