Meet Loyd Visuals

Loyd Visuals is an award-winning video production company dedicated to client success. We collaborate with forward-thinking corporations, organizations, and creative professionals to achieve diverse goals such as revenue growth, community improvement, and brand loyalty. Our extensive portfolio includes collaborations with civic-minded organizations like Roof Above and Communities In Schools, as well as Fortune 100 to 500 corporations such as Airbnb and Honeywell. Distinguished by our commitment to telling non-traditional stories, we are led by three brothers whose cultural influences shape our methodology, infusing a rare authenticity into our work. Our passion lies in honoring the people and communities we capture, creating narratives that transcend traditional content creation and open new industry opportunities. Envisioning a future of digital media with diverse representation, we contribute to an ecosystem where storytellers mirror the diversity of talent. Guided by the business acumen of Khaleel, the creative eye of Maleek, and the strategic vision of Najm, our purpose-driven approach has proven profitable for partners, fostering growth under the Loyd brothers' direction. As artists, community builders, and changemakers, we create enduring visuals that stand the test of time.

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