Meet Mary Zio

I graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Art from Purchase College, back in 1989, when all artwork was done by hand, and photography was done in the darkroom, so you could say, I’m “old school”. I concentrated in printmaking, and had a two-year apprenticeship with an internationally known artist in NY, Bruce Bleach, my junior and senior years. I was fortunate enough to study with a direct student of Joseph Albers, Professor Leonard Stokes, who taught me color theory, just as Albers had taught him. I also had the privilege to study art history from the late, great Irving Sandler. Over the years, while raising my two daughters, I painted commissioned furniture, painted glassware for galleries, and continued to work in printmaking (etchings and monotypes). In 2016, I founded Pthaloblue Art Gallery, in Ocean Isle Beach. I had the honor of representing 42 different local and national artists and started to paint full time (I had a studio in the gallery). In 2017, I got the opportunity for a 23-painting commission to fill a Southern Living Home on Bald Head Island, and another on the island, in 2019 with 14 paintings. My husband and I relocated to Charlotte in 2019 (our eldest daughter and husband live here). In 2021, I had to honor of becoming an ArtPopStreetGallery artist. I’ve been working full time as an artist, selling through art galleries and commissions. My artwork is in the abstract/semi-abstract style, which reflects my immense love Mid-Century Modern Art. I mostly work in acrylics, but I also to work in watercolors/gouache, oil, printmaking, mixed media, and “upcycling” sculpture.