Meet Michelle Flowers

with Meesh The Great LLC

🖖🏿💜 Peace Beautiful Ones I am Meesh The Great. I am a Esoteric Creative, Healer Holistic Life Coach/Consultant. I have helped people overcome: 💫 Empowering themselves 💫Transitioning to a more Holistic lifestyle 💫coping with grief 💫 instilling with self healing tools to cope with anxiety, depression, lack of self worth 💫 coping with depression 💫 making major life decisions and manifesting a new life 💫 pivoting to a more aligned career 💫 exploring peace and pleasure 💫letting go of self sabotaging/limiting behaviors 💫 regaining self esteem and confidence 💫 Inner Child healing 💫 Tapping into sensuality 💫 reconnecting to joy 💫 to transform their life.  To have a healthier and happier more fullfilling life.  I have transformed my own life by going on a self discovery journey and applying my learned lessons to my life and business. I was able to transform my life. I transitioned to a holistic lifestyle,Lost over 100 lbs, learned to manage anxiety, depression and lack of self confidence, reconnected with my joy, and liberated myself by utilizing self healing tools and integrating these life lessons to I acquired of the years to manifest a more fullfilling, happy, healthy and aligned life. Through imagery I have documented all versions of my divine self. I’ve done the same for clients and I can provide this service for anyone who is seeking to have a better relationship with themselves. My services include: 💫energy work(reiki, sensual arts, mystic arts) 💫Play therapy(creativity, inner child healing) 💫somatic therapy (Shibari 💫Reiki infused photography 💫Curating adornments, 💫Minfulness practices (meditation, breathwork) 💫 self guided prompts 💫 connection exercises 💫 curated self discovery experiences Are you ready to push pass fear, gather the necessary tools to heal and birth a new version of yourself? Let's work on it.