Meet Natalie Daratony

with Natalie Daratony Art

Natalie Daratony is a multi-disciplinary artist who explores a variety of mediums. Her art reflects the calm, organic shapes and tones of nature and seeks to move the viewer to notice and experience more of the natural world around them. She resides in the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina where she practices out of her home studio. Her works can be seen all across the city. In Uptown, her first public mural is on display in Luminous Lane. In North Charlotte, you can see two printed murals displayed in Northlake Mall through the ArtPop Inspiration Projects. In South Charlotte, her latest creation is underway at the Marion Diehl Community Center through Charlotte is Creative. She offers custom in-home murals for residential properties, commercial art for interior and exterior corporate spaces, and any size canvas commissions. Daratony has plans to continue to expand her art and mural career within Charlotte and the surrounding communities. She desires to continue deepening her skills while always exploring new practices. She believes that art is the means by which we expand, nurture, and express our deepest selves and hopes her art calms and inspires all who interact with it.