Meet Pam Imhof

with The Left Brained Artist

Artist Pam Imhof has been in the Charlotte area since 2013. She has a Bachelors in Art with Certification in K-12 Education and a Master’s in Education in Curriculum Studies with art concentration. Pam works in a variety of different media often combining materials and techniques. She has completed murals and other public pieces in the Charlotte area as well as in New Jersey, where she previously resided. Her personal artwork includes paintings, sculptural crochet, fiber arts and more. Pam has been focusing on lace and floral subject matter. Her work is whimsical, colorful, and dramatic. Pam has a special interest in public art and collaborative work. She believes that public art has many benefits such as addressing social issues, encouraging reform, and uplifting the community. Art making is for everyone, and Pam hopes to work with the community to facilitate collaborative projects for their neighborhoods. Pam often works with other artists to create collaborative pieces and is constantly getting inspired and learning new techniques. Through this collaborative work, she sees herself as both a teacher and a learner.