Meet Rebecca A Lipps

with Rebecca Lipps Art

Rebecca Lipps is a multifaceted artist and educator cultivating immersive experiences and murals for the public eye. She enjoys pushing the boundaries of technology and art-making to create a new form of expression. Her current work combines sculpture and video displayed in various formats. Her painting background developed from her BA studies at Xavier University. She also received a Master of Fine Arts from Winthrop University, where she concentrated on video installation. She believes video is a tool that is currently impacting our society and she sees the importance of highlighting it in combination with fine art. The core of her work’s purpose is to encourage conversations about the connection between physical form and digital content. She strives to create impactful experiences for her viewers by integrating interactive elements. She believes in the power of public murals and the positive impact they have on businesses and the surrounding community. It is important to her to impact her community by making public art and involving herself in arts organizations around Charlotte.

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Without Water This Does not Exist 2022 Charlotte International Arts Festival Romare Bearden Park Sept-Oct 2 -Projection Mapped Mural with Interactive Digital Screen that guests can manipulate to change the projection content effects

Charlotte SHOUT! The McColl Center March 30-April 16 -Projection Mapped building -Interactive Digital Screen -Interactive Flower bulb planting Video Link Technical Requirements: 14K Lumen Projector, Lift, 50ft HDMI, 100ft 10 gauge extension, 100ft ethernet, Ipad, Laptop, Touch Designer, Resolume, HDMI splitters, Power cables, Generator/Batteries, Filmed Flower content, Motion Sensing camera, Intel CPU Description: BLOOM is an interactive projection installation with community effort to beautify businesses in the city of Charlotte. Two highly interactive segments of BLOOM invite festival goers to become visual conductors of the projection mapped image on the McColl.

EyeLumination pushes the boundaries of how we define projection by making it mobile. Visual artists, Mark Doepker and Rebecca Lipps, have collaborated on building a stylized eye sculpture that houses a small projector. The sculpture was built out of wood and sheet metal, then weatherproofed with One-Shot paint. The sculpture has been engineered to be mounted to the top of a 1969 Volkswagon Beetle with a trailer hub and metal gears. The sculpture also displays two ring lights that surround the iris of the eye. This unconventional approach to making work has transformed our perspective of visual art. The concept of the eye is a vessel for memories, a repository of experiences that enrich our perception of our environment. The projections from the eye are carefully curated to evoke a heightened awareness to it’s surroundings. The vehicle becomes a dynamic platform, illuminates spaces and invites viewers to engage with with the work as an installation, sculpture, and immersive artwork. EyeLumination has opened the door for new possibilities with sculpture and projection technology.

Charlotte Chalk Art Contest First Place Winner 2022 and 2023


It’s Going to Be Okay 2021 Goodyear Arts 10’x 15’x 14’ Tulle Fabric Installation with Projection Mapped video Video were artists performances of hand gestures A live performance was completed with the artist writing the words It’s Going to Be Okay

BLOOM Drone Shot Charlotte SHOUT! 2023 Projection Mapped Interactive Animation