Meet Rosa Diaz

with Nativa Studio

Rosa Diaz, is a visual artist and entrepreneur originally from El Salvador, she immigrated to Charlotte, North Carolina in 2001 in search of new beginnings and peaceful horizons. She believes that art can be a powerful medium to impact the world in meaningful ways by telling stories that promote happiness, freedom, and hope. She enjoys becoming a bridge between cultures and communities through her art. She was honored to be chosen as one of 9 Blumenthal Fellows in 2023 to participate in the Charlotte International Arts Festival. Her interactive art creation “Dreamcatcher Labyrinth,'' was featured alongside arts installations and performances from around the world. In 2019, she established Nativa Studio, the place where her unique art blooms inspired by her Indigenous native roots, as well as her passion for nature. The soul and voice of her art raises awareness of many social and environmental issues, and remains the same regardless of whether she is working on ceramics, paintings, installation art, or digital illustrations. Diaz's artwork uses bold colors and distorted figures mixed with organic and abstract forms in a surrealistic style. She loves working in several mediums. She developed her talents while taking college courses in San Salvador and the United States. Rosa is delighted to join the UNC Charlotte College of Arts + Architecture to pursue her artistic and professional development as well as continue her lifelong learning. Community art projects are one of her favorite ways to share her culture. Learn more about Rosa Diaz and her artwork at or on Facebook rosadiazart and Instagram at @rosadiazart.