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Shane Manier is a Creative Coach, Visual Artist, Live Event Painter, TEDx and Keynote Speaker, Trauma Informed Care Instructor, Poetry Mentor and National Spoken Word Poet based in the Charlotte Metro Region of NC. She is the founder of The National Poetry Month Summit, an online summit that connects and supports poets across the US, and the founder of Guerilla Poets, a nonprofit art collective with branches in the US and UK. As a poet and artist, she has been featured at many shows and venues all across the US while completing many outreach programs as an activist and is a published author with three books, three spoken word albums and has poems published in numerous anthologies. She is currently the Spoken Word and Arts Teaching Instructor for The Harvey B. Gantt Center, Henderson High School, The Arts Empowerment Project, Playing for Others, as well as Center for Faith and the Arts Visual Artist in Residence. In 2011 she was the youngest poet to ever be inducted in the Poetry Council of North Carolina, has served on board of CCAG Arts Collective of Cornelius North Carolina in 2017, and was honored as a finalist for Poet Laureate of Charlotte NC in 2022. She has been recognized as a National Poet performing with Respect Da Mic Slam Team from 2017-2020, and Secret City Slam in 2022. Her poetry is widely known for being passionate and powerful through her vulnerability that showcases a sense of urgency, causing a physical response from her audience. Her poems are centered around themes ranging from inspiration and motivation to personal topics, politics, and social justice issues. Her work offers an empathy that exposes and bonds the core of our humanity. She is one of the few North Carolina live speed painters in the Charlotte Metro area. Although her work isn’t always a speed painting, she enjoys capturing precious moments in her art before they quickly pass. An Ultimate Painting Finalist for Regional Championship, she has competed in live speed painting competitions and has art hanging in various locations in the Tri-city. Local musicians, especially in Kannapolis, Concord and Salisbury, have come up with their own slogan, “It’s a shame if you don’t have a Shane” since so many of them have purchased live speed painting portraits she’s created. She loves showing the light within other people when they are in their element and works to capture that expression in every speed painting requiring instinct and passion. In 2015 she released her first poetry album, “Bootstraps” and her first chapbook, “Fallen Heroes of the Awful Waffle” was published through Main Street Rag in 2017. She released her second album, “Carrier Pigeons” in 2019 and poetry books “Divine Disturbances” and “Road Hunger” in 2020 and 2021. She recently released her third album “Shanesaw : The Remainder” in 2022.

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Bellatrix : Women's Empowerment Spoken Word Poem

Tedx : Keynote: There's No Such Thing As A Bad Kid