Meet Shefalee V. Patel

with Cultural Connections by Shefalee

Shefalee is active in the Charlotte Indian community through classical and folk dancing, visual arts and school activities. "Life is a performance. Whether it's painted, written, danced or sung, we are all connected bv art.”   Ever since I was a child, I have been captivated by the connections we make to people, places, and events. What starts as a journey, shifts to become a hymn of our souls.  Through my artwork, I am able to showcase a tribute to mv culture, identity, and faith. I am passionate about sharing the rich cultural and artistic heritage of India. I take great pride in showcasing my deep-rooted traditions to the community. Currently, in Charlotte, I have been privileged to share my love of folk dance and visual arts at various cultural events and always welcome the conversations that come from these occasions.