Meet Susan Beiser

with Susea Blu Studios, LLC

Susan F. Beiser is a creative spirit, a surface, Color, Material & Finish (CMF), and graphic designer, educator, and style trend forecast specialist whose love of all things colorful and creative sprouted as a child with Crayons, Shrinky Dinks, and Spiro-graph drawings. Susan’s journey weaves like the intercoastal waterway up and down the eastern seaboard while following her passion for the coast, creative endeavors, and making magical discoveries. During her graduate studies in Savannah, her thesis topic ignited a passion to pay homage to the natural elements, native cultures, and ancient symbolic meanings that we’ve lost through the ages.  Now is her time to dive back into that exquisitely rich topic, bring us new interpretations, new designs, and new avenues for community engagement and philanthropy. Susan founded Susea Blu Studios in 2022 with this goal in mind. To collaborate with Susea Blu Studios on custom projects please connect with Susan on her website,