Meet Tina Alberni

with Color by Design Studio

A true painter at heart, Alberni is always on the lookout for interesting venues, projects and installations, corporate partnerships, and challenging commissions, both in physical art and in the metaverse worldwide. Alberni, holding a bachelor's degree in art education, successfully melds her physical art with the expansive realms of web3/metaverse. In 2023, the digital rebirth of her endangered animal painting series gained recognition worldwide, from Dubai to Switzerland, Austria to Brazil, Portugal and Spain. Stateside, ArtPop street gallery and Liquid Art Media invited her work onto 30+ digital billboards throughout Miami Design district, Miami Beach and other areas, and her physical work graced Priscilla Fowler Gallery in Arizona, the Museum of Science in North Carolina, Barings Corporate gallery, and is invited to show solo in 2024, for a 1-year rotating exhibit throughout the Bill & Patty Goerlick galleries in Charlotte. 2023 concludes with work showcasing at a show in Miami during Art Basel. Motivated by the urgency of anthropocentrism, Alberni's art illuminates contemporary events, addressing climate change, endangered animals, human essence, and technology's societal impact. Beyond visual replication, she delves into interpretation, grounding her creative process in automatism. She works in series and creates in several mediums and processes which include painting, glass and textile assemblages and mixed media collages. The common threads throughout her series are her bold use of colors which pay tribute to her Hispanic heritage, her multilayered compositions, and her deep passion to communicate meaningfully. Alberni's artistic journey began in New York, extended through Puerto Rico, Colombia, and Miami. She taught art for 15+ years in Dade County, Florida, while actively exhibiting in shows in the U.S., Colombia, Europe, before turning 30. With a footprint in 100+ solo, group, and virtual exhibitions globally, Alberni has earned accolades, grants, print and online features. In navigating the evolving art landscape, through her artwork, Alberni seeks to stimulate dialogue, provoke thought, and raise awareness about our carbon footprint and how our behaviors affect all life on the planet. Lastly, she envisions a future where physical studio work integrates in a balanced way with digital technology, propelling her art to unprecedented heights. For more info go to and follow me on IG @tinas_art_beat


Interview, Queen City News

A peak into my underpainting process