Meet Tina G. Vincent

with Tina G. Vincent Arts LLC

My name is Tinashe (Tina) Gwata Vincent. I am a Mixed Media Artist and High School Art Educator, originally from Zimbabwe in Africa. I love mixed media because there are no rules, and it allows me to experience the possibilities of the materials. Through the joy of learning, exploration of materials and integration of techniques, I am able to create unique processes and products. Some of my favorite media include, acrylic painting, quilting and sewing, collage, ceramics, paper mache, and batik. I often weave these applications throughout my work. One highlight of my art practice is my evolving creation of paintings and sculptures featuring black people with a variety of skin tones and body types. I aim to shine a light on this beauty that is often overlooked or underestimated. My work is a celebration of African hair in its natural form and faces of people whom society chooses not to see. When society creates these superficial roadblocks, they have in essence ‘judged a book by its cover.’ In my opinion, it’s one thing when this marginalization comes from strangers; but it’s a more bitter pill to swallow when your own people plant seeds of insecurity. I create extra-large portraits of brown people to make the bold statement to everyone that this unique beauty deserves to been seen.

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