Meet Tiya Caniel

with Love Tiya Caniel

My name is Tiya (pronounced Tee-yah) and I am a human being who identifies as a Black, queer woman. I am a North Carolina-based creative who thrives when I am well-fed, loved, rested, and connected with my joy.My body of work combines mixed media, collage, painting, jewelry design, drawing, photography, and original writing to explore themes of Black liberation, joy, cultivating community, ancestral veneration, and yogic philosophy. Sometimes one may find a bit of inquiry related to Afro-futurism and Afro-surrealism as well. The bulk of my work is in abstraction. Because my creative practice is highly intuitive and driven by joy, I tend to flow between different mediums in my work. Having freedom to explore many mediums is paramount to the process. I have found great joy in working with a combination of paint, ink, pastels, hand-painted paper strips/cutouts/scraps, watercolor, fabric and textiles, and now wood. My artistic influences include yoga teachings and philosophy, expressions of Black joy, nature, and the practice of honoring my loved ones and ancestors.I aspire to incite feelings of joy, curiosity, intrigue, self-expression, and LIBERATION through my works.