Meet Angela Kollmer

with Upcycle Arts

Angela is the Founder and Executive Director of Upcycle Arts. Angela is constantly creating, whether it’s baking, sewing costumes, stilt walking, or circus aerial. She is so excited to bring the world of creative reuse to Charlotte. She has a Bachelor of Science from Northeastern University and spent four years in the military at Fort Bragg, NC. Upcycle Arts collects materials from Charlotte’s 4,000+ manufacturers to divert those materials from the landfill and provide you with low-cost art supplies. With our carefully curated collection of goods, you can save the environment and be endlessly inspired to create. As Charlotte's first creative reuse center, Upcycle Arts collaborates with Charlotte’s local businesses, manufacturers, and individuals to divert their materials from the landfill. Instead, those materials are made available to the community for use in new ways such as mixed media arts. We connect to the community through our creative reuse center and our programming.

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The Fuse Project

Virtual Upcycled Art Workshop Series