Meet Valentin Ramirez

with Dead folks

Hello my name is Valentin a muralist and oil painter. Born and raised in Charlotte, NC. In an attempt to brighten up the city of Charlotte with some colorful murals. I was fortunate enough to receive two grants from the arts and science council in January of 2023. This led me into my mural journey to make the city vibrant. It didn’t take long for my artwork to be noticed all across the city and end up on big news sites like the Charlotte Observer, Axios and CLT Guide. As opportunities keep coming in I was able to quickly learn how to create murals more efficiently and better than the last project. My murals always consist of either flowers, butterflies, bright lighting and reflections an aspect of self-growth. A story that surrounds the mural with the question of when will you realize your blooming. My oil paintings is a combination of colorful Mexican traditions mixed with a unique underground graffiti style executed as Renaissance style paintings where I turn flowers, skulls and butterflies into paintings and balloon sculptures. My painting style was developed during my time at CPCC by a teacher that painted Renaissance style paintings. I enjoyed the style but didn’t like the lack of color. By mixing what I learned with my colorful Mexican background, I added the bright colors I love while still giving it that Renaissance look. Some of my paintings represent the most colorful celebration in our culture, The Day of The Dead. A strong symbol for many but a celebration that brings joy to those that remember their loved ones.

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