Meet Will White

with ThatWillWhite

As a fashion designer and illustrator deeply rooted in excess, cultural influences, and the world of prints, I am a creative who’s constantly drawing inspiration from the vast tapestry of life. I find myself often inspired by new concepts and chance encounters, considering them as the seeds of my avant-garde, experimental alchemy. In my artistic journey, I revel in the act of blending prints, colors, and even unrelated styles of traditional adornment. While I deeply respect the foundations of my craft, I embrace a relentless pursuit of opulence and grandeur. The music of icons like Bowie and Prince often serves as a backdrop to my creative process, adding an extra layer of energy and flair to everything I create. I believe that the world of "art" often lacks the prominent voices of the fashion community. I aspire to be one of the nuanced few contributing to the broader understanding of our craft, illuminating its dimensions beyond ready-to-wear clothing. In this phase of my life, I'm committed to exploring the delicate intersection where high fashion and fine art merge. My ultimate aspiration is to experience uninterrupted freedom in this pursuit, allowing me to push the boundaries of creativity and vision for a lifetime to come. For the past 18 years I have been majority self taught. From custom book bag prototypes, to gowns, to outerwear, and even my own wife’s wedding dress, I’ve taken on a lot of different projects all with the aim of being able to give it my own fresh touch. I’m truly inspired by everything around me, from Art to music to film, I just love downloading new ideas and seeing how I can push my work further. Originally born in NYC, raised in New Jersey, and now living in Charlotte, I’ve truly seen a lot at the ripe age of 37 and one common thread has been that when it comes to style, you have the opportunity to become whoever you want at the drop of a hat…literally. While visual artists use paint, brushes, and canvas, I create my brand of art with textiles, threads, and a lot of imagination. As I continue on my own journey as a business owner, husband, and father, one thing that’s clear is that I truly love being able to make art in the form of fashion and I only hope to be able to continue dreaming up bigger and greater things as I go through life one design at a time. I’m available to help any and everyone achieve fashion fantasy they may have dreamed up and put my very specific ethos into the final presentation of it. If I were to describe myself in short, it would be “larger than life” because clothes are meant to be fun, they’re meant to express the version of yourself you’d like to be and there’s no need to be boring while you do it.